Dr. Lars Lewejohann

University of Osnabrueck
Behavioral Biology
Barbarastrasse 11, D-49076 Osnabrueck

E-mail: ljohann@phenotyping.com
WWW: www.phenotyping.com

Lars Lewejohann (*1970 in Muenster) studied Biology and Philosophy at the University of Muenster and finished his diploma thesis in 1999. Subject of his diploma thesis was the evaluation of housing conditions of laboratory mice from an animals' point of view using preference tests. In brief: If mice have the choice, they prefer enriched housing conditions and will even work (pressing a lever up to 16 times per entry) for the access to a more entertaining housing system.
In his PhD-project "Behavioral Phenotyping of Mice: Methods, Evaluation, and Appliance" he investigated BC1-RNA knockout mice by means of a battery of behavioural tests. Tests were carried out with different knockout lines in different laboratories. The combined results indicate that although BC1 RNA does not code any protein, it seems to be involved in the modulation of explorative behaviour.
In order to automate data acquisition, Lars programmed a tracking software using digital image processing techniques (for details on animal tracking, see " Digital Image Processing in Behavioral Sciences"). A list of other valuable software titles can be found on this homepage: www.phenotyping.com. Since 2004 he worked at the Department of Behavioural Biology in Muenster as a researcher continuing his work with transgenic mice. From 2006 to 2010 Lars also was the managing director of the Otto Creutzfeldt Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (OCC), an association for research and education spanning different faculties of the University of Muenster focusing on behavioral neuroscience. As of May 2013 Lars Lewejohann is employed as an interim professor at the University of Osnabrueck acting as the head of the Department for Behavioral Biology of the University of Osnabrueck.

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